Few Feedback about Our Course & Speaker

Course Review: It was a comprehensive course, touching upon each and every aspect required. A very good initiative. My phobia for taking up online classes is no more. The online classes through webinar was an excellent experience- no glitches at all. Thus it was seamless to give complete attention to the online classes and lectures

Speaker review: Let me start with a proverb – “You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime. CA Singla has taught us to fish. Especially the style of taking us through the law- reading it simultaneously acts, rules, notifications, circulars etc. I learnt how to actually interpret GST law. I’m sure this could be applied to any other law too as well. One final word “you are a very good teacher”. Kudos to you. Continue the good work.

About Initiative: Excellent. Especially timely articles from Tax Guru and yes, the forum set up by GST Professionals. Kindly continue doing the good work and coming up with more courses like Income Tax, Accounting etc.

Y D’Souza
(Mangaluru Karnataka)

Course Review: This course provides you the best online course in GST to demonstrate clear understanding and practical aspects of GST and to get a visible recognition for this knowledge. This also saves your valuable time, money and effort to travel to the class room by facilitating the online interactive session. You are also provided with recording of session for revision at your comfort time zone and place, which is the best part of this course.

Speaker review: There are several organisations / Professionals who are organizing courses on GST. Before opting for any course, I would advise everyone to check the faculty for these courses. If the faculty is not good – there is no use of opting for such courses irrespective of the organisation who is conducting the course.
            The following things can be checked before opting for any GST Course
Experience of the Faculty
Practical Knowledge of the Faculty
Feedback of the participants who have already enrolled for the course.

            When I had planned for the GST course, I went through the checking steps as above and got the name of Mr. CA Raman Singla. So, opted for Online GST course by “Taxguru and GST professional” because the speaker was Mr. CA Raman Singla. 

            He is well known and has reputation for his professional advice and consultancy in Indirect Tax professional field. while conducting the course, he provided with the practical problems and solutions on each and every topics on GST. His interlinking of the provisions, Rules, various notifications, orders and circulars on GST along side the practical and current situations was superb and mind blowing. 

           Though sitting for 3 hours and doing screen based online course generally happens to be boring, tiring and sleepy, But it never felt while doing this course because of Mr. CA Raman Singla who used to keep interacting, cracking jokes in between and at intervals, relevant to the GST topics and sharing practical experiences and incidences from his professional journey of Indirect Tax advisory and consultancy service. 

            I am glad to get him as speaker on the GST course. much doubts cleared. A lots of things, I learnt from him and liked his style of teaching, admires his depth of knowledge on the topic and the way he supported with extra materials to us for the best achievement of purpose/objective of the online GST course.

About Initiative: I really admire and appreciate the initiative taken by TaxGuru and GST Professionals to conduct online courses on GST. 
        TaxGuru and GST Professionals launched the most simple and convenient way of learning GST through Online Trainings to abridge the gap between the theoretical concepts and practical working in industries. Through this program, the participants shall be trained to become experts in the domains of GST. “GST Online Certification Course” will help foster continuous education and updated knowledge.
        TaxGutu and GST Professionals imparts in depth knowledge connected with the practicality of the world through “Online GST Certification Course” by CA Raman Singla, where learning will not just be reading books. The online Course will help develop clarity, discover confidence and experience success.

        Now, we are waiting for the same short of online course on Income tax and also on companies Act from TaxGuru and GST Professionals.

Mohammad Zeyaun Nabi
(Okhla, Delhi)

Course Review: Very Detailed Explanation about GST Annual Return & GST Audit.

Speaker review: He is very good at making other people understand about the various technicalities of GST in a simple yet precise manner.

About Initiative: I can watch the video lectures at my own convenience without leaving the comfort of my house.

(Mumbai, Maharashtra)

The course was a pathfinder for me, not only it enriched my knowledge about Gst law but in fact it taught me how to read and refer the law also for future use.It was extensive and touched upon all the aspects in such short duration which is quite commendable.Everything from the Act to notifications to Rules and amendments was touched upon with all clarity and understanding.

Sneha Sharma [Howarh (West Bengal)]

Its one of the best ever course on GST and a real eye-opener on this greatest tax reform in India

Ravesanker J [Chennai (Tamil Nadu)]

CA Raman Singla is learned and highly knowledgeable gentleman in GST. The way he explained in each session, detailed GST law explaining each logic behind why the section, rules, notification came into the existence was just outstanding and fabulous. He just proved GST is Good and Simple tax. As he says, every solution is written in the GST bare act and he made us to read and interpret the bare act in the session. I enjoyed each and every session of his and never felt bored during the session. Looking forwards to attend his webinars in future.

Vijeta Sheth [Mumbai (Maharashtra)]

I had a perception that always face to face discussions only will give us a clear knowledge and the audience can be more focused. But after taking up this course, my perception completely changed. The knowledge transformation can take place effectively from wherever we are. The approach of conceptual clarity gives immense knowledge forever throughout the lifetime.

Vanitha Rajesh [Bangalore (Karnataka)]

Online GST course initiative taken by TaxGuru and GST Professionals is fantastic. it is very helpful to learn new things or update knowledge at comfort at home or office without traveling much. I am very happy after joining this course. This course have brought lot of changes in my life and open new door of opportunity. I would strongly recommend this course by Tax guru to all professionals.

Nitin Sawant [Goa]

This is a very beneficial Course on GST. I have taken full advantage of this course as when so ever I meet the Excise Officers in Range Office I was able to reply of some curious questions raised by them. A new step is added in my 25 years of consultation Carrier.

Narinder Rehani

This course is unbelievable during 30 hrs only. Everyone can be expert.

Dilip Kumar Jha

It is really outstanding and meets the professional standards. The GST COURSE is designed to give students a great insight into the skills they need to develop and enhance their learning.

Madan Kishore Gupta

Online GST Course is one of the Best Online Course I’ve had the pleasure to attend. Kudos to TaxGuru & GST Professionals for taking the Initiative. Hope that the Online Course becomes a regular feature in years to come.

Rahul Joshi

First Time I have taken any online course. Initially I was hesitated but now this point of time I can say confidently it is really worth for not only me but all of us who joined this course and indirectly all companies, clients or vendors who are associated with us directly or indirectly. As this online course is based on GST bare act only it will give us sound technical knowledge about bare act in simplified language and it will help us in our future assignments. I can say this online GST course is really worth for all of us.

Mukesh Uniyal

It’s very much informative, while traveling also we can view the online class without wasting the time.

Chandra mohan

I am sincerely thankful to Mr Raman Singla. He has been quite helpful to the participants to ensure that they can understand the new Act and its provisions. He has explained the stipulations very lucidly. I am very much impressed with his professional prudence mixed with his personalised approach towards the participants. Last but not the least, he deserves huge appreciation for authoring the excellent book provided to us.

Arijit Biswas

What a great initiative. For me it is going to be a life changing course being it online by a great GST professional Mr. Raman sir. I am an EU VAT expert for me only some concepts of GST are new but rest of the concepts are similar to EU VAT specially provision for place of supply. Being online we can attend it easily. We have enough confidence that we can get a job after completing this course. Overall it is a great course. Thanks a lot

Somveer Singh


Rajan Ganpat Phalke

I congratulate as well as thank TaxGuru and GSTProfessionals for undertaking this initiative which has benefitted so many professionals across India. The technology that was provided was excellent and uninterrupted which is really commendable. I look forward to many more such courses to be offered by Tax Guru and GST Professionals

Nandita Dutt

I have been following TaxGuru for a while now. It is extremely essential and beneficial that organizations like TaxGuru and GST Professional come together and teach laws like GST at a nominal fees using the latest technology. Hats off to you all!

Rajat Kumar

I must say, this is great service to the Nation.This is time when people are confused with lot of unreliable material on the internet.Businessman finding difficulty to understand the new law.This initiative will create a GST knowing force who can help others to migrate to the new regime.

Tejinderpal Singh

Tax Guru initiative of delivering online GST classes with GST professionals is a brilliant idea and the timing of classes is also very useful for all the professionals as GST is altogether a new process and by conducting GST classes in advance is quite a good effort from Tax Guru end. My sincere gratitude to both of you.. Hope to be in touch with you even after the classes gets over.. Heartiest thanks to both of you.

Chetan Bisht

this is the best opportunity from Tax Guru and GST Professionals offered to me I feel. Today in this initial stage of GST Regime, we learned many things about GST and we are able to guide our clients properly. . Helpful to every aspirants in this field.


Its well done and definitely going to help lakhs of professionals.

Dharamveer Malik

Initiative taken is remarkable with regard to Preparation of course and send the recording as and when ask even after the schedule the book provided is complete in itself with easy language.

Aloke Kumar Kanodia

It is a very good initiative taken by TaxGuru and GST Professionals, which will really help us in present as well as in Future. I really appreciate the way, team is handling and responding to the queries for approximately 1000 participants.

Sachin Goel

Great. Timely initiative to face the launching of GST from 1st July. Your initiative helped to understand GST Law in true spirit with confidence

Chandra sekhara Prasad Chodavarapu

Good Steps Taken for GST training course by TaxGuru and GST Professionals. Thanks and Salute to Both for Best GST Training Course.

Chandrakant Mamdapure

I thing this is first online gst couse conduct by TaxGuru & GST Professional which is most comfortable for All Age of person, All category (i.e. businessman, salaried, housewife, college student and senior) of person to learn at your own place/time without running behind other institute, classes and save valuable time/travel. Special Thanks to TaxGuru & GST Professionals.


Thanks to TaxGuru and GST Professionals for conducting the online class it was really very very useful to work in GST regime.


Wonderful 2 months Online GST Certification Course by GST Professionals and Tax Guru 


As we know that TaxGuru is the best platform to give true knowledge of taxation. Combined efforts to take initiative steps by TaxGuru and and GST Professional is the best to give knowledge of GST Acts and their utilization in simplified manner. I hope that TaxGuru and GST Professional will always take initiative steps for any types of new taxation.

Prakash Chandra Singh

We appreciate the TAX Guru and GST professional team to initiate such program which is help to the country to grow “As One Nation One TAX” into GOOD SIMPLE TAX regime.


It was a challenging job to educate the indian professional and business society about the GST but initiative taken by the tax Guru and Its professional makes this job easy and done a lot. We are very thankful to the Tax Guru. It was almost impossible for a professional like me residing in a remote area. But after conducting this course , I have learnt a lot and can say I am a GST competent professional and able to educate the business community all about GST.


We are getting update each day from Tax Guru and GST Professionals about GST. Thank you very much for your services to both TaxGuru and GST Professionals.

Balasubramanian A

It is a great initiative taken by TaxGuru and GST Professionals for proper implementation of GST in India.


I will say that such online course should be continued so that many professional gains knowledge about the GST

Vijaylaxmi Mallayya Hengaldas

TaxGuru and GST Professionals are such famous professionals among the people. This online course is used by many people all over the world. It helps me a lot in my GST course. I must really appreciate them. And I think that they must organise many such organisation for people so that they can do their course and improve just like I does!! This online course was too beneficial for me. I understood every thing about GST and want to learn more about it through such courses. Thank you TaxGuru and GST professionals for such organisation that made me enough knowledgeable in my course.

Ratan Kumar Sinha

Excellent initiative. It has certainly given the participants an edge over others who haven’t signed up for an online course. It will also be an add on loyalty if you guys can release articles going ahead.


Signing up for this initiative has been one of the best decisions that I took recently because it made me develop a very good knowledge of GST and has been most enlightening. Thank You TaxGuru and GST Professionals for teaming up and taking such an initiative and helping fellow professionals like me.

Satya Narayan Agrawal

This is very nice thought and helped many people like me, would expect to have similar in the future if possible even in other subjects also.


I appreciate this whole concept. Tax guru is a well known name in online tax guidance. As this course is based on bare act approach but presented in a simple and easy language is main attraction of this couse.

Mukesh Uniyal

And many more……..!!!