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List of amazing features

Summary of Entire GST Law

Section wise commentary

Sector Specific Analysis

Sector Specific Analysis

Table and Chart for quick Reference

Table and Chart for quick Reference

Tax planning at Relevant Places

Tax planning at Relevant Places

Accounting related Aspects

Accounting related Aspects

Effective Tariffs on GST

Effective Tariffs on GST

Bare Act Approach

Bare Act Approach

Exhaustive Analysis on Input Tax Credit

Exhaustive Analysis on Input Tax Credit

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About the Author
CA Raman Singla

CA. Raman Singla is a practicing Chartered Accountant, a Law Graduate and a First Class Commerce Graduate from University of Delhi practicing in the field of Indirect Taxation and GST. He carries commendable knowledge and has proven track record in handling complex Indirect Tax and GST matters for many National and International Clients. His work is highly appreciated in taxation fraternity and is the first choice amongst clients. He is a partner in Devalya Advisory LLP and brands itself in the name of GST Professionals.​

​He is an eminent speaker in seminars, workshops and trainings on GST organised by Ministry of MSME, Institute of Chartered and Cost Accountants of India, PSUs and Corporate. During his widely exposed professional career in Government, Public and Corporate Sector, he has been handling clients for GST Impact Assessment, Implementation, Health Check-ups and consultancy projects in various Industries.

Consultancy and Online Publication

TAXGURU.IN is a unique and focused portal on taxation, Accounting, Finance, Audit and Corporate law. The very fact that a large number of C.A., C.S., ICWA, Finance professionals, tax Professionals and other Account professionals depends on taxguru for regular updates speaks volumes about the authenticity, trust and reach of the services of taxguru. Thanks to the exclusivity of the information and soundness of quality in the services of taxguru. What makes taxguru a popular tax portal is the massive ambit of coverage of different segments of the economy.

About CA Sandeeo Kanoi
CEO TaxGuru.in

CA Sandeep Kanoi is a Practicing Chartered Accountant from Mumbai. He has been associated with Taxguru.in right from the start of the website. Currently, he is also the CEO of Taxguru Consultancy & Online Publication LLP. He has more than 17 years of experience in the field of Taxation, Accounting, Finance, Audit and Corporate Law. He has been an active blogger for past many years and has been sharing his knowledge with the young professionals through various platforms and forums. He has been instrumental in the growth of taxguru.in and has himself contributed/ authored more than 10000 articles/Judiciary on the website.


(For our previous book "Simplified Approach to Service Tax – A Complete Analysis"

  • “Simplified Approach to Service Tax – A Complete Analysis (June 2016 Edition) is an excellent peace of professional work by Mr. Raman Singla. It successfully transforms a complex tax statute which is further complicated by yearly amendments, notifications and clarifications and stretched by its amenability to diverse interpretations, into substantive simple and understandable version.”

    —Pradeep Jain
    Advocate – Supreme Court

    “The whole uniqueness of this book lies in its ability to clarify the topics to the last clause and to the last person. Most books are written for and understood by lawyers, Chartered accountants and professionals in the field. This one is for the understanding of assesses even the smallest of them who are most impacted and mostly left groping in the dark can benefit for the clarity brought to the law by this book.”

  • “It is like a completely blurred picture coming a bright picture in a beautiful picture frame”

    —Abhishek Goyal
    Advocate – Supreme Court

    “Distinguishing feature of this book is that it is prepared like handbook of the complete service tax law with excellent issues & there solutions & examples which are not available in any other book.”

  • “The special thing about this book is how simply it explains the vast and complex issues with easy and profound examples. Another important feature is its linkage of various judgments with laws and wonderful explanation with extended clarity. And the last but not the least its sequences and arrangement of connected topics at one place so that user can understand the wider prospective of the subject matter with great ease.”

    —Mr. Arun Bhatti

    “This book is an extraordinary work in Indirect Taxation undertaken by CA Raman Singla. Have seen such a simplification of a complex subject after a very long time. I really appreciate this initiative and congrats the entire team of IDT Professionals for giving greater clarity on multiple critical issues pertaining to the subject. I personally feel that every accounting professional should read and take maximum benefit of the topic.”

    —CA Shiv Singhal
  • “The major feature of this book is that it is very simple wording & understandable. Cover all statutory provisions, at a glance approach, incorporation of landmark judicial pronouncements of Supreme Court/High Court/Tribunal at appropriate places; incorporated all Notifications & departmental circulars”

    —Joy Samanta

    “It is a very nice book with simple language & understandable. Its cover all the bare Act & analyses with simple illustration & solutions. Nice tables are used to understand it easily. Covers tax planning also. Overall this book is summary of total service tax laws. Adopted multi- disciplinary approach for gaining specialization in the service tax.”

    —CA Rajesh Jain


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